Pianist Johann Derecho is co-winner in the Junior category of our 2013 Young Artists Competition. Johann is a winner at provincial and national competitions. He graduated this year from Hawthorne Village Public School in Milton, where he enjoyed playing the piano as an accompanist for choirs and as a soloist for special occasions. He was also a trombonist for the school band. Johann also finds time to play piano as a volunteer for the elderly at local retirement residences.

At the age of five, his extraordinary gift in music became apparent as he could name notes and chords by ear after just a few sessions with his piano teacher. An examiner called him a prodigy at the age of seven. He learns music very quickly he needed only four weeks to learn a 16-minute concerto for last year’s national finals. His love for music was nurtured by his first piano teacher, Sara Doutre. Johann is now under the tutelage of Sergei Pavlov of Debut Piano Studio in Toronto.

Johann is very excited to play with the Symphony on the Bay as this is a dream come true for him. He will play the first movement of Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A Minor at the “Schumann and the Young Musicians” concert on November 3, 2013.